S1mple Finance - Moving to Polygon!

Announcing our plan to integrate Polygon blockchain network into our products!

What is S1mple Finance?

S1mple Finance is a next generation DeFi project, which will allow web3 users to access all the DeFi features in one place (trading, liquidity farming, staking, nft and much more). This project is scheduled to cover at least 8 diferrent blockchain networks at a very low cost. We believe that “Layer 2” is the future of DeFi, making daily transactions affordable for everyone!

S1mple Finance website: https://s1mplefinance.com

What is S1mpleSwap?

S1mpleSwap aims to provide easy to use interface, supported with very low fees. It is scheduled to operate on more than 8 blockchain networks. Currently, S1mpleSwap supports only Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

S1mpleSwap website: https://app.s1mple.finance

Moving to Polygon

We have launched our decentralized exchange 14 days ago on Binance Smart Chain. From the very beginning, our main goal is to make our products cross-chain with a final target of around 8 supported blockchain networks. That’s why we have started working on importing Polygon mainnet to our DEX. We expect to be launched and fully operational at the end of March. Currently, our exchange is in maintenance for a couple of days.

Big News

We have some very big news for you that will be announced on Monday! Stay tuned for more info!

Join our community

Twitter — https://twitter.com/S1mpleFinance

Discord — https://discord.gg/a7HKqFAh8F




Decentralized Ecosystem, Cross-Chain AMM

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S1mple Finance

S1mple Finance

Decentralized Ecosystem, Cross-Chain AMM

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