S1mple Finance - Weekly Report #1

In the past week, we have updated our system and methods, as well as our main website and our exchange!

What is S1mple Finance?

S1mple Finance is a next generation DeFi project, which will allow web3 users to access all the DeFi features in one place (trading, liquidity farming, staking, nft and much more). This project is scheduled to cover at least 8 diferrent blockchain networks at a very low cost. We believe that “Layer 2” is the future of DeFi, making daily transactions affordable for everyone!

S1mple Finance website: https://s1mple.finance

What is S1mpleSwap?

S1mpleSwap is the first product from the S1mple Finance Ecosystem! Currently, it is in development and will launch on Binance Smart Chain as soon as possible. It is scheduled to operate with the lowest swap fees out there… Only 0.10%!

S1mpleSwap website: https://app.s1mple.finance

S1mple Finance in the past week

Here is a quick look of our progress in the past week:

S1mple Finance this week

Our main focus this week is the functionality of the main website and our DEX. Our community needs to have better experience, using our platform. So, this week we are going to:

  • Fix swap problem - S1mpleSwap is experiencing problem with executing swaps. Problem is identified. Fixing has started
  • Fix main website DNS problem - temporary unavailable in some countries. Problem is identified. Fixing has started
  • Identify potential future problems

We cannot do this without you! So, if you like our vision, simply support us by following us, clicking on the subscribe button and sharing this content! By doing this, you really help us a lot!

Join our community

Twitter: https://twitter.com/S1mpleFinance

Discord: https://discord.gg/a7HKqFAh8F



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