$S1MPLE Token Pre-Sale Announcement!

$S1MPLE token is officially launched and we want to give our community a chance to accumulate some in a very low price!

What is S1mple Finance?

S1mple Finance is a next generation DeFi project, which will allow web3 users to access all the DeFi features in one place (trading, liquidity farming, staking, nft and much more). This project is scheduled to cover at least 8 diferrent blockchain networks at a very low cost. We believe that “Layer 2” is the future of DeFi, making daily transactions affordable for everyone!

S1mple Finance website: https://s1mplefinance.com

S1mple Finance documentation: https://s1mplefinance.gitbook.io/docs/

S1mpleSwap website: https://app.s1mple.finance

$S1MPLE Token Pre-Sale Details

Pre-Sale is scheduled to start in the next few days (exact date to be announced). $S1MPLE token has a total supply of 500,000,000 S1MPLE. 10% of the total supply (50,000,000) will be allocated to the pre-sale. Unsold tokens will be burned 15 days after the pre-sale event ends. Learn more about $S1MPLE token is our docs page.

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Join our community

Twitter: https://twitter.com/S1mpleFinance

Discord: https://discord.gg/a7HKqFAh8F



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