Setting Up Metamask Wallet!

Learn how to setup and use metamask wallet extension with our detailed guide!

What is Metamask?

MetaMask is the trailblazing tool enabling user interactions and experience on Web3. It is currently available as a browser extension and as a mobile app on both Android and iOS devices.

Setting up Metamask

Metamask wallet extension can be used as a browser extension, as well as on Android and iOS devices. In this tutorial, we are going to use the browser extension, as example.

  • First, go to and click on “Download
  • Select your browser and add the extension
  • Create wallet from the very beginning
  • Remember to store your secret phrase safely
  • Type in your password

That’s it! You’re done with setting up your Metamask browser extension!

S1mpleSwap x Metamask

When launched, S1mpleSwap is going to support Metamask wallet. In order to use S1mpleSwap with Metamask, user needs to:

  • Go to S1mpleSwap (official web address coming soon)
  • Click on “Unlock wallet
  • Click on “Connect wallet
  • Have some BNB for gas fees

That’s it! It’s that easy to use S1mpleSwap!

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Decentralized Ecosystem, Cross-Chain AMM

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Decentralized Ecosystem, Cross-Chain AMM

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