Top 5 Harmony DeFi Platforms in April 2022!

Today we are taking a look at the top Tezos blockchain performers in the DeFi industry for this month!

What is DeFi?

Decentralized finance (DeFi) is an emerging financial technology based on secure distributed ledgers similar to those used by cryptocurrencies. The system removes the control banks and institutions have on money, financial products, and financial services.

#5 Unite Finance

Unite Finance was inspired by and is the first algorithmic stable coin on Harmony Mainnet, pegged to the price of 1 ONE via seigniorage. Tomb runs on the Fantom blockchain and is pegged to 1:1 to the price of FTM. Tomb Finance has been a great success and our team realized the need for an algorithmic stable coin pegged to ONE on Harmony.

Unite Finance website:

Supported blockchains: Harmony


Their staking solution will offer cross-platform-generated yields, with a sole requirement to stake a single project’s token. In addition, the imbedded gamification feature incentivizes the participants to stay for the entire duration of farming, since they will largely benefit from the accumulated rewards. website:

Supported blockchains: Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Harmony

#3 Sushi

Taking Uniswap’s elegant core design, Sushi has added community-oriented features that would help improve the design of the protocol, as well as provide further benefits to the actors involved.

Sushi website:

Supported blockchains: Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, Avalanche, Harmony, OEC, Fuse, TelosEVM, Moonriver, Celo

#2 Tranquil Finance

Tranquil Finance is an algorithmic money market protocol and DEX on the Harmony ONE blockchain. It allows users to swap, supply and borrow assets, while receiving or paying interest in a completely permissionless and decentralized way. Borrowing and lending interest is set based on market demand, and loans are over-collateralized to ensure solvency.

Tranquil Finance website:

Supported blockchains: Harmony

#1 ViperSwap

ViperSwap is an automated market maker (AMM), a decentralized exchange (DEX) and a DeFi protocol that allows users to exchange tokens, provide liquidity and earn trading fees. ViperSwap is a part of VenomDAO that will release multiple DeFi products on Harmony.

ViperSwap website:

Supported blockchains: Harmony

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