Top 5 ThunderCore Blockchain Games in May 2022!

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3 min readMay 5, 2022

Today we are taking a look at the top ThunderCore performers in the gaming industry for the month!

What is blockchain gaming?

A blockchain game (also known as a NFT game or a crypto game) is a video game that includes elements that use cryptography-based blockchain technologies. Blockchain elements in these games are most often based on the use of cryptocurrency or non-fungible tokens (NFTs) which players can buy, sell, or trade with other players, with the game publisher taking a fee from each transaction as a form of monetization.

#5 Brain Warp

Even or odd? Consonant or vowel? How fast can you respond? The game is based on reflexes and focusing.

Brain Warp website:

Supported blockchains: ThunderCore

#4 Math War

Challenge your friends to a math duel! Think fast and solve the tasks!

Math War website:

Supported blockchains: ThunderCore

#3 Yield Hunt

How fast can you match the color to its name? Take up the challenge and see your capability.

Color Craze website:

Supported blockchains: ThunderCore

#2 Jelly Squish

You will love their colorful jellies and connect them as much as possible — whether they are three in a row or diagonally. Have fun with them!

Jelly Squish website:

Supported blockchains: ThunderCore

#1 Galaxy Blocks

A long time ago, in the galaxy far far away, there are blocks that wait for you to break.

Galaxy Blocks website:

Supported blockchains: ThunderCore

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