Top 5 EOS Marketplaces in May 2022!

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2 min readMay 3, 2022

Today we are taking a look at the top EOS Marketplace performers for the month!

What is Marketplace?

A decentralized marketplace, built on blockchain technology, allows traders or investors to trade with each other while eliminating middlemen. They are available globally and require no intermediaries to make trades possible.

#5 moreCPU

The most cost-effective CPU rental platform!

moreCPU website:

Supported blockchains: EOS

#4 KyubeyNetwork

Kyubey Network is a decentralized incubator which aim to find the next killer dapp.

Kyubey Network website:

Supported blockchains: EOS

#3 EOS Name Swaps

A decentralized EOS account exchange. Premium account names can be bought and sold for a 2% seller fee. All account exchanges are done by an EOS smart contract.

EOS Name Swaps website:

Supported blockchains: EOS

#2 CryptoLocally

CryptoLocally is a person-to-person crypto trading platform where traders are able to buy and sell EOS and other crypto in the fastest and most efficient way possible for cash or via online payment in the currency of their choice.

CryptoLocally website:

Supported blockchains: EOS

#1 AtomicMarket

AtomicMarket is a smart contract which makes it easy to build NFT marketplaces using the AtomicAssets NFT standard.

AtomicMarket website:

Supported blockchains: WAX, EOS

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